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    Trips, Slip & Fall

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    Trips, Slips & Falls – G&F Brooklyn Workers Compensation Firm

    Did you know that trips, slips & falls are one of the most common types of workplace injuries?

    They make up so many workers’ compensation claims because they are a universal risk in the workplace. If you work in a

    • Restaurant
    • Construction Site
    • Retail
    • Hotel
    • Office
    • Or virtually anywhere else

    and if you found yourself in an accident while working that lead to an injury, then we can help you to get fairly compensated for your injury.

    Property owners and managers have a legal responsibility to maintain a safe environment, and this includes the floor. Spills must be cleaned as quickly as possible, the step must be identified, the lighting might be appropriate, there cant be debris or dangerous equipment on the floor.

    So many of our clients from in and around Brooklyn, NY 11201 come to us because they know that G&F puts our clients first from start to finish.

    We file your claim with so much evidence that the insurer wouldn’t dare to low ball or reject the claim.

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