Establishing Slip & Fall Liability For Workers Comp

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Establishing Slip & Fall Liability For Workers Comp

Slips and fall accidents in the Brooklyn area make up for 16% of all workers’ compensation claims, and 66% percent of the injuries result in missing at least 30 days of work.

These statistics mean that if you are injured in work because of a slip and fall, you can expect the insurance companies to resist the claim. Missing 30 days of work means that the workers’ compensation payouts will be larger, including lost wages on top of the medical costs for the serious injury. All because of the negligence of the property owners or managers.

Since a single employee is rarely equipped to go up against management and their insurance company, it is advisable to find an experienced workers comp attorney in the Brooklyn area

The plan of action should always be to quickly seek medical attention, this is your greatest priority.

As soon as you have been seen by a medical professional, then you need to notify management as quickly as possible, in accordance with New York state law. Then find and hire your workers’ comp lawyer who specializes in slip and fall claims in the workplace.

They should start at once to gather the evidence, both from the scene of the accident and medical evidence, to prove that the injury was caused by the fall, which is the lesser of the two challenges.

What is the great challenge is to prove that the employer is liable for the injuries from the accident.

You can expect push back, saying that perhaps you were not looking where you were walking, or walking too fast, being careless. But you must always remember the law is on your side.

Your lawyer will show that any and all employees operate under a certain assumption in the workplace. This assumption is that you believe your work environment will be in the same safe condition that it was last seen. So most employees don’t tiptoe around assuming a spilled puddle of water is awaiting them around each corner, or that an extension cord is stretched between two offices.

Your attorney will build this case, and help you to swiftly start receiving the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. No matter which industry you are coming from; the service industry, construction, hospitality, retail, restaurants or anything else, you might have a winning slip and fall workers comp claim.

Contact one of the top-rated workers’ comp law firms in the Downtown Brooklyn area today if you experience a trip, slip, or call-

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