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Are you sick and tired of speaking to your wife about settling on a compensation payment that you feel does not justify the earnings that your injury caused you to miss out on?

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Brooklyn, NY Workers Compensation Claims: Outsmart Your Employer

Unless you’re working for an independent contractor, the chances are that your employer has workers’ compensation insurance. Often this means if you fall ill or sustain a work-related injury, the workers’ compensation is supposed to cover your medical bills and lost income. What most employees don’t know, however, is that workers’ compensation insurers and their policyholders (in this case your employer) usually intend to pay you as a little as possible when you file for a claim.

Lucky for you, there’s something you can do about it. Here are 6 tried-and-true tips you can use to outsmart insurance adjusters and get the maximum compensation you deserve. True worker’s compensation pros in NYC hold by these tips to the full extent of their application. With that said, here they are:

#1 Report Any Work Injury ASAP to Your  Employer

Most employees make a mistake of just informing their coworkers about their illnesses or injuries at work. That’s not enough. Go ahead and report the illness or injury to your supervisor, the HR department, or the risk-management department as soon as it occurs. Usually, you’ll be furnished with an incident report to fill out. And they should assist you in getting the right medical help.

With that said, if you don’t get a call or paperwork from an adjuster from your employer’s insurance, then something is amiss. If that’s the case, be sure to follow up with your boss.

#2 Notify your Employer in Writing

On the same but lighter note, it’s crucial to notify your employer in writing of any illness, accident, or injury as soon as it happens. Usually, you’ve to get something in writing before the 90-day deadline elapses, but you’re better off doing it right away.

#3 Save Copies of Everything!

Start off by saving copies of your notice to your employer and all other subsequent documents related to your injury, illness, accident, and workers’ compensation claim. The last thing you want is for your arm to be twisted because you misplace an important document. Workers’ injury fraud in NY is on the rise, and yes, it’s often coming from the employer’s end.

#4 See Employer Recommended Doctor

When your injury or illness is an emergency, the odds are that you’ll go wherever the EMT will take you. However, if it’s a non-emergency, see the employer appointed doctor. If you fail to do so, you might give the insurance company a solid ground to dismiss your claim.

#5 Be Truthful and Honest

You might be tempted to exaggerate the extent of your injuries or illness, but it’ll come to bit your back. In fact, your claim might be denied altogether. Following the states WC claim process is vital and not skipping steps or trying to shortcut through them.

#6 Work with an Experienced Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Next, find a NY workers’ compensation “shark” attorney that has seen it all – the tricks, gimmicks, and whatnot insurance adjusters use to pay you the least possible compensation. With such expertise on your side, there’s a good chance you’ll get the most compensation possible. These “legal sharks” can sometimes get you more money than you ever dreamed possible.

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